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HMI configuration software

Applications for tablets and smartphones

Vijeo Design'Air


Vijeo Design'Air is an application for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. They enable you to connect remotely to an HMI terminal over a WiFi network and display a graphical view of the same on your tablet and smartphone. During the design phase, you can set the HMI terminal to be detected by Vijeo Design'Air. The HMI's accessibility level can be configured to provide view only mode or full control and also secured by requiring user authentication for login. Vijeo Design'Air supports the following features: bb HMI Auto-detect: scans and detects available HMI terminals on a nearby network. bb Remote monitoring: connects tablets and smartphones to HMI terminals, and allows remote viewing and controlling of HMI projects at run time. bb Advanced screen: takes advantage of advanced graphic and multi-touch capabilities of tablets and smartphones and applies it to the automation industry.


In this configuration, the HMI terminal acts as the server, while the tablet or smartphone acts as the client. The server and client communicate over a WiFi wireless, 3G, 4G, or LTE network. After connection is established, you can use some of the functionalities of tablets and smartphones to remotely interact with the HMI terminal. For example, you can perform touch or swipe actions to start or stop a process or to navigate between screens. You can also use pinch action to zoom in and out of a screen for better viewing.


Vijeo Design'Air compatible HMI terminals

Below is the list of Magelis HMIs that are compatible with Vijeo Design'Air: bb Magelis


STO and STU terminals bb Magelis


GTO and GTU terminals bb Magelis


XBTGT and XBTGK terminals bb Magelis


XBTGH portable terminals bb Magelis


SCU bb Magelis


industrial Panel PCs and BOX PCs

Note :.Download.Vijeo.Design'Air.from.Google.Play.or.App.Store.in.iTunes . Vijeo.Design'.Air Wireless. connection Modicon.LMC058 Mobile.devices Magelis.GTO

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