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Graphics editor

The graphics editor in Vijeo Designer Lite makes it easy for developers of operator dialogue applications to create pages based on objects: bb Point, line, rectangle, ellipse bb Text and image bb Graphic, trending curve, button, light bb Enumerated list and scrolling text

Symbols library

The symbols library makes the process of creating pages more efficient. It contains pictograms which are easily recognizable within industrial contexts as well as drawings of the main components used in automation. With Vijeo Designer Lite, linking of these these graphic symbols to the function keys of the terminal is instantaneous.

Links with PLC variables

Vijeo Designer Lite also enables the user to easily link symbols with the internal variables of Schneider Electric PLCs by importing Twido Soft, PL7 and Concept automation database files.

Communication table

The communication table in Vijeo Designer Lite provides the user with an easy way of configuring all data exchanged between the Magelis compact XBT terminal and the main device. The communication table is also used to define: bb Access to data: read/write bb All the alarm conditions


Vijeo Designer Lite makes it possible to simulate the entire operator dialogue application at design office level without using a Magelis compact terminal or a PLC. The simulator program can be used to thoroughly check the following application characteristics: bb Navigation between pages bb Entry of variable data bb Display of variables bb Display of alarms

Application printing

You can print all or part of the HMI application using the Vijeo Designer Lite print function. It is possible to send the data to a printer or to print to file.

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