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9 Presentation. (continued) HMI configuration software Vijeo Designer TM configuration software Graphics editor The graphics editor in Vijeo Designer offers interface consistency for simple objects as well as for more sophisticated ones. It enables application developers to create views easily based on: bb Simple objects to be configured: vb points, lines, rectangles, ellipses, arcs vb bar graphs, meters, tanks, fillers, pie charts, curves vb polylines, polygons, regular polygons, Bzier curves, scales vb texts, images or alarm summary, etc. bb Preconfigured advanced objects: switches, radio buttons, indicators, buttons, tanks, bar graphs, potentiometers, selector switches, text or number fields, enumerated lists, etc. bb Screen masks and skeletons for type applications Object animations 8 types of graphic-object animation support the rapid creation of animated mimics on the basis of: bb Pressing the touch panel bb Change of color bb Filling bb Movement bb Rotation bb Size bb Visibility bb Display of associated value Library of animated graphic objects The library of animated graphic objects makes the creation of mimics very efficient thanks to the numerous ready-made animation objects. It includes more than 4000 2-D and 3-D industrial vector images. Simply drag and drop the object using the mouse to position it on the mimic being created. User-defined objects can be added to this library using the same simple drag and drop method. Java scripts Vijeo Designer supports data processing using Java language scripts. This function facilitates the running of complex animations, the automation of tasks within the terminal and the management of calculations in order to relieve the load on the PLC programs. The scripts (50 lines, max.) can be associated with: bb Variables bb Operator actions bb Screens bb The application itself User-customizable resources To enable applications to be customized in accordance with customer requirements, Vijeo Designer features a new resource concept that makes it possible to define styles (colours, images, character fonts, text lists). To quickly customize a generic application to meet customer requirements, simply assign these styles to the objects concerned. The resource concept is supported by the following native objects: Meter,.Bar.Graph,. Slider,.Potentiometer,.Selector,.Text.List. and .Image.List . Selection guide: page 2 References: page 13 Graphic.toolbar Object.animation.example Java.script.example Library.of.animated.graphic.objects

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