Zelio Rum Universal Range Relays Page 14 Functions

14 Multifunction timer module RUW 101MW Programming Timing range selection Function selection Selection Function Control Function diagram Control scheme On-delay Timer E Series control Monostable with maintained control Wu Series control Flashing relay, starting On-delay phase Bi Series control Flashing relay, starting Off-delay phase Bp Series control Off-delay timer R Control by external contact (S) Monostable with pulse control Ws Control by external contact (S) Monostable, starting on de-energization Wa Control by external contact (S) On-delay Timer Es Control by external contact (S) Power off Contact open U : voltage S : external control Power on Contact closed R : relay RUM ppp t : adjustable time delay Function selection Timing range selection 0.1 to 1 s 0.1 to 10 s 0.1 to 1 min 1 to 10 min 0.1 to 1 h 1 to 10 h 0.1 to 1 day 1 to 10 days t U .1/.4 .1/.2 A1 A2 U R U .1/.4 .1/.2 t U .1/.4 .1/.2 t t U .1/.4 .1/.2 t t S U .1/.4 .1/.2 t B1 A1 A2 U R S U .1/.4 .1/.2 t S U .1/.4 .1/.2 t S U .1/.4 .1/.2 t Zelio Plug-In Relays RUM universal relays Functions Introduction: page 5 Specifications: page 6 References: page 8 Dimensions: page 10 Wiring diagrams: page 12

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